Choosing Portable Restroom Rentals

If you have ever been to a public place and been caught in long queues to the restroom, or worse, no restroom at all, then you will understand how important portable restrooms can be. Having to hunt for a restroom in outdoor festivals and concerts, for instance, can be a waste of time. At any outdoor event that you plan, therefore, the public should have access to clean and well-equipped portable toilets.

There is a variety of portable toilets out there for events of various scales. For a small event, it’s enough to have a few units like the porta-potty. A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing the number of units is to have one unit for fifty guests. If the event is of a longer duration, such as more than half a day, then it is wise to have a unit for every twenty five guests.

For large scale events such as a wedding party or a music festival with a large number of guests, if you need special units, you can consider renting restroom trailers. These trailers can then be further equipped with hand sanitizers and chemical foot pumps for cleaning the toilet bowl.

If you will be serving alcohol at the event, remember to increase the number of restrooms you have on site. Moreover, you should also have at least one unit accessible to people with disabilities. Have at least one unit that can be accessed by wheelchairs. The number of ADA compliant units that you have should ideally be around 10% of the total number of people who will be using them.

Once you have selected and placed your unit, you should clean it regularly. There is no rule of thumb to follow with regard to the number of times that you need to clean them. Usually, a toilet rental should be cleaned at least once a day. However if there is greater usage of the units, that can be increased.

Sanitation is an important aspect of any event. Being able to provide users with running water, hand sanitation, sufficient toilet paper and a place to relieve themselves is key. If you are looking for professionals to help you with your portable restroom rental, Jacksonville manufacturers of sanitation ware should come in useful to you. Choose the kind of unit that you need, find a flat ground to place it and you are good to go.


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