Choosing New Windows for Window Installation in Tinley Park

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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If you own an older home, whether you just bought it to restore or have lived there for years, it is very likely that you will need to replace/upgrade the windows. Older windows do not provide the protection against the elements and are usually quite drafty which affects your energy consumption and cost.

Windows play a role in maintaining comfort levels in the home as much as they do for providing ample natural light. Window Installation in Tinley Park starts with deciding what types of windows you want or need. The following will discuss the various types of windows for your home.

Bay Windows

Your existing windows may be the bay type window, but they may not be as efficient as they can be which is a good reason to upgrade them. A bay window is decorative on the outside and decorative as well as functional on the inside of your home. You can have a window seat placed with a bay window creating a place to sit and enjoy nature. They can be customized with grills, no grills, artistic elements, and framed to suit your style.

Bow Windows

What is a bow window? These windows bow out at different angles of your choosing and are often larger than bay windows so you can create a larger window seat and create your own in-house retreat. These can also be customized just like bay windows. This is an ideal window for a large room to let in a lot of natural light.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are speciality windows that allow you to place herb or small vegetable gardens within them like your own personal little window orangery or greenhouse. These windows let in a lot more light than standard windows. These are perfect for the kitchen where you want a cherry atmosphere.

These are examples of three windows you can choose for your new Window Installation in Tinley Park. Other window options include awning, casement, double hung, slider, glass block, and specialty windows. Evergreen Door & Window has a large selection of various window types from which to choose. You can learn more about the company, their services and products at


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