Choosing Engagement Rings at Louisville

When you have chosen you life partner, and you’re ready to commit for life, one of the biggest concerns you have is choosing the right engagement rings. Louisville jewelers are renowned for making some of the best models and designs in the State of Kentucky. Having the largest jewelry districts in the State, jewelers based in Louisville have some of the most beautiful, eternal, and timeless pieces to offer.

Let us check out some of the most loved engagement rings available –

Gold and Diamond – This classic combination of the yellow metal and a forever drop of heaven is an ageless symbol of love. This combination can be arranged to many designs, from classic smooth rings, to modern entwined and engraved designs. The stones are often used in pairs, triplets, full ring studding, or even a single large stone set on top. Always a favorite among buyers.

Plain Bands – Made of precious metals like palladium, platinum, gold, or silver; these do not have much fuss about them. They can also be made with colored gold like ruby, blue, or white gold; adding extra glamor. These love bands can come in engraved models with your partner’s name, the engagement date, or other love filled messages. They do not have stones, and their simplicity is their allure.

Kaleidoscopic – With a collage like setting of small precious stones of multiple colors, these Kaleidoscopic rings are made of either gold of platinum, and come in one piece only designs. The tiniest grains of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds are used to embed beautiful artistic patterns on the ring – like wearing a rainbow that will never fade.

Platinum Love Bands – Platinum is the rarest metal, and when combined with diamonds; the result is an ageless insignia of emotions. Platinum has a never fading luster, and is valued more than gold. Diamonds of the best cut and carats are used on these engagement rings. Louisville has only a handful of jewelers who deal in platinum love bands.

Always remember that a marriage is forever, and your love for your life partner must reflect with the first nuptial gift. It is a gift of promise to be kept forever; and that is why you should be very selective about buying engagement rings. Louisville based jewelers can give you custom made rings and models that you will not commonly see anywhere else.

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