Choosing Cremation Instead of a Traditional Burial

There are quite a few decisions to make when choosing to have a loved one cremated. It’s important to understand what all is involved to ensure you have made the right choice. There are several options to choose from when deciding what to do with someone’s cremated remains. Some choose to scatter the ashes at sea, some may keep their loved ones with them in an urn while others may choose to have them placed in a mausoleum. There are so many options to consider for cremated remains.

For some individuals the choice of being buried seems unappealing. The thought of spending eternity alone in the ground doesn’t seem to be an option. They would prefer to have their remains cremated so they can stay close to loved ones. This is more of a sentimental choice someone may make prior to their death; thereby, making the decision of Cremation Groton for themselves.
The process of cremation consists of changing a deceased person’s remains to ashes using heat. Although, traditional funeral burial is the most sought after form for funeral services, there are those who prefer cremation. The remains of a cremated individual are usually placed in an urn and kept someplace sacred by the family.

Cremation may be a pragmatic choice that makes the best sense due to costs or a joint family decision. Although the process of cremation is completed by using heat it doesn’t consist of using harsh chemicals or plastics. Cremation is considered less wasteful than the traditional burial due to having no use for a casket that takes up space in the ground. Most funerals can become costly due to the need for the casket, headstone and cemetery plot. However, cremation fees are quite inexpensive and fits into most budgets.

Memorial services are still performed for those who choose Cremation In Groton. The timeframe to have a memorial service for someone using cremation isn’t as rushed as one for a typical burial. The service can be conducted within 30 days after a person’s death. This allows the family and friends more time to prepare and put together a more meaningful funeral.

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