Choosing An Arrangement For Your Classroom Desks

Being a teacher, you have many choices in how to run your class. You have many preferences for your teaching style and your feelings on learning. How you have the Classroom desks arranged can speak a lot about how you teach.

One option for setting up your student’s desks is using clusters. This option puts four desks together so that the students can work together. Using this option is good if you do group projects a lot. This way you do not have to constantly have desks moved around for group projects.

You can also have the desks arranged into a horseshoe shape. This way you can have all your students facing you, but everybody can participate more in group discussions. It is a great way to keep from having the classic rows, but still have everyone facing the same direction.

If you have your students take turns in reading out loud a good option would be the full circle Classroom desk arrangement. This option has all the students facing each other. It helps in being able to discuss things with students for rewards or ideas. This also makes it where everyone can see equally.

The most popular type of Classroom desk arrangements is classic rows. This is the one where there rows and columns of desks, normally equal. All the desks face the same direction and makes it easy for the teacher to spot misbehavior. Many teachers choose this option so that they can keep an eye on their students easily.

No matter which type of arrangement you choose do not forget to have wide enough aisles. This way your students can get to their desks without a problem. If you do not include aisles, then you will have students jumping over other desks to get to their seat.

Choosing a desk arrangement for your classroom is up to you. Make yourself a list of what you want from your students and what you want to give them. This way you can make sure to setup the classroom according to your needs. Students pay more attention to their teacher when the teacher is comfortable and you cannot be comfortable if you do not like the arrangement.


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