Choose New Kitchen Cabinetry Doors

Whether you’ve had the itch to tackle a residential kitchen makeover or you’re currently in the midst of a large renovation project for multiple units, consider investing in new kitchen cabinetry doors. Glance below for a quick summary of the benefits new doors can provide in your kitchen.

Asbestos and Hazardous Chemicals

Old kitchen cabinet doors, especially those manufactured before 1978, carry a high risk of containing asbestos and similar hazardous materials. Protect your family by choosing a newly manufactured option that was made without these dangerous materials, or replacing cabinets that currently test positive for them.

Variety of Styles and Sizes

As you tackle your renovation, it may become apparent that your current cabinet doors do not match your planned style – or possibly even the newly planned layout of your kitchen. Avoid having a mismatched or eclectic feeling in your prep areas by choosing matching doors that fit the sizes and style of your kitchen.

Complete Customization to Your Project

Do you prefer to showcase your fine china? Or will you be crafting an unusual focal point, like a curved peninsula? Perhaps a custom set of kitchen cabinetry doors would better enhance the unique design choices of your space.

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