Chiropractor Services Portland OR for Headaches and Migraines

A headache may sound like a small thing, but when it interferes with your daily living activities as well as concentration, it can be quite disruptive. Many people around the USA suffer headaches and migraines from time to time, but for others this can be almost a daily occurrence. The only way to keep such headaches at bay is to have an understanding of what causes or triggers them and then do what you can to avoid those things. Some of those headaches are caused by muscles that are tight and contracted something that chiropractor services can help with. These muscles are often those found between the skull and the upper spine area.

When these muscles are tight, what you tend to feel is pain and pressure. A chiropractor helps by examining you for nerve pressure, asymmetric posture, the spine not being properly aligned and even muscle spasms. These things will often be a contributing factor to the tension headaches that you may be experiencing and the chiropractor services Portland OR are trained to handle such cases without using invasive procedures or even medication for that matter. In addition to receiving chiropractor services, you may also consider avoiding several triggers of the said headaches.

Some of the triggers of migraines and headaches include dehydration, improper lighting such as glare from too much sunlight or computer monitor, staying in the same position for a long time while working and more. Some of the main ones that chiropractor services can help with but that you must avoid will include poor posture when standing or sitting, sleeping with your neck in a strange or unusual angle, sports injuries, auto accidents and other kinds of physical trauma. Chiropractor Services Portland OR is a great solution to such accidents especially if they are to ligaments, spine or soft tissue in the body. Some of these conditions or injuries may not be immediately noticeable but the trained hands of a chiropractor will bring them to the surface so that they can be treated before they cause more harm.

If you have been in an auto accident and suffered whiplash, the jarring movements caused by the accident can also lead to severe headaches and migraines. The whiplash can be adequately treated using Chiropractor Services and it is indeed advisable that you visit a chiropractor following an accident even if you feel alright. To further alleviate headaches that may come on even if you have not been in any such accident you may want to avoid certain foods such as chocolate, nuts and even some cheeses. You are also advised to get the right amount of sleep. If you get too little or even too much sleep, a headache may result.

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