Chiropractic Therapy for Healing Neck Pain in St. Louis

Neck pain is not normal, no matter what the cause. A person shouldn’t have to endure neck pain for any length of time, whether it resulted from a car accident, improper posture at the computer, repetitive work activity or some other activity. Sometimes stress is the cause, as stress leads people to tighten their muscles and clench the jaw. People may develop neck pain when they feel anxious about finances or relationship problems, or when they are dealing with undue stress at work. To heal Neck Pain in St. Louis, an individual may want to schedule an appointment with one of the leading chiropractic centers.

A chiropractor uses a variety of techniques to assist the body in healing itself. Chiropractic adjustments resolve subluxations, or altered positioning of the vertebrae that have caused spinal misalignment. The chiropractor also may use ultrasound, gentle muscle stimulation and traction therapy. A chiropractor at a clinic such as the Back & Neck Care Center of St. Louis creates a personalized program for each patient that directly addresses his specific problems.

One person experiencing neck pain is likely to have quite different symptoms from another person. A chiropractic patient may primarily feel neck stiffness much of time, only experiencing pain if she tries to turn her head. Another patient has chronic neck pain and develops headaches as well. The neck pain might radiate down one shoulder and arm, and the patient might feel tingling in her hand. The person tends to adjust her sitting and standing posture as well as her walking gait to avoid pain, which can move her vertebrae further out of alignment and make the problem worse. All these types of Neck Pain in St. Louis can be resolved with chiropractic care.

People commonly try to manage their neck pain with over-the-counter medication, hoping that the problem will eventually resolve itself. This strategy is rarely effective because it does not correct the underlying issue. Taking pain relievers frequently on a long-term basis can lead to unwanted side effects. A more natural, non-medicinal cure is a better option. Click here to learn more about healing neck pain through chiropractic therapy.

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