Cavity Prevention is Provided Through Dentistry in Heber Springs

One of the most important services a dentist offers is cavity prevention. Since cavities are the biggest threat to the health of the teeth, it is crucial patients are seen by their dentist on a regular basis so their health of their teeth can be monitored. When a cavity arises, it can quickly begin to destroy the tooth and can even threaten surrounding teeth. Through Dentistry in Heber Springs, cavities may be able to be avoided so the health of the smile is not compromised.

Cavity prevention involves patients taking steps for oral care at home and seeing the dentist twice a year. Careful brushing and flossing each day can go a long way towards removing plaque, tartar and biofilm, which can all lead to decay in the teeth.

To protect against cavities, Dentistry in Heber Springs seeks to keep the teeth strong and healthy. This is first done through careful cleaning procedures. Through a thorough cleaning, plaque and tartar buildup are removed. Once the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned and flossed, they are treated with a special Fluoride treatment.

Dental fluoride treatments have been proven to help greatly diminish the threat of cavities. These strong treatments help to fortify the enamel, which is the protective shell that covers the inner portions of the tooth. When the enamel is healthy and strong, it is less likely to become damaged from decay.

As a part of the preventative services, the dentist also takes X-rays to see the inner structures of the tooth. This can reveal cavity threats before they even begin to exhibit any outward signs. This is also important in making sure normal tooth development is occurring.

Through a thorough examination, the mouth is screened for cavities and disease. When carried out on a regular basis, screenings can allow the dentist to find cavities when they are just beginning and easier to treat. Visit us for more details.

If cavity care is needed, contact the office of Jason T Bolding DDS. He will provide the preventative care services needed to ensure smiles stay healthy and strong. Call today for an appointment so your smile can be protected.

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