Catering For Atlanta Corporate Events

by | May 11, 2012 | Food & Drink

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If you are in charge of planning any Atlanta corporate events, the company you choose to cater your event is essential in pulling off a successful event. You want to your event to be professional, organized and for people to enjoy the food you provide for them.

Whether it’s an all day event, or just a couple hours, you need to provide the attendees with something to eat. Food breaks the ice, gets people to socialize and makes events more enjoyable. You want to make sure to find the right caterer that can provide food that is fresh and delicious.

You can start looking for a caterer online or in the local pages of your phone book. Some restaurants also do catering so if there is a popular restaurant that you think would be a big hit at your event, talk to them about catering.

The type of food you choose depends on the type of Atlanta corporate events you are having. If it is a casual corporate event with families and entertainment, you may want to choose a caterer that can offer a buffet of different types of food. Finger foods like sandwiches, fruit, salads, and desserts is a good casual meal option. If it is an outdoor event, you may even consider choosing a caterer that cooks the food on site such as a barbeque company. If your event is a formal one, you may want to offer a sit down three course meal. For something like this, the caterer would need to provide a wait staff. It’s important to find out where the wait staff is hired from. If the wait staff is part of the catering company, that is great. If they hire from a temp agency, that may not be such a good thing. A caterer who has their own employees knows their employees and the employees no what is expected of them. If they hire from a temp agency, they may not know who they are getting and they may not be able to work well together. So when choosing a caterer for a formal sit down dinner, make sure they provide their own wait staff from their company.

Make sure the caterer has the proper licensing and training to cater your event. This means they should be working out of a health inspected kitchen. Ask about how they transport the food from their kitchen to the Atlanta Corporate events. The temperature of the food is important to the health and safety of everyone in attendance at your event. You wouldn’t want anyone getting sick.

Call a caterer for your Atlanta corporate events. A caterer can make your atlanta corporate events a success by providing you with good food that your guests will enjoy.

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