Cataract Surgery at Cincinnati, OH is simple and painless

The eyes are the most important sensory organs of any living being. They are the windows to the world. The eyes are prone to many problems which affect the vision of the person. Some of the problems are temporary which will get corrected with medicine and some other problems like cataract of the eyes, may need more deeper procedures. Cataract is the opaque covering of the lens which blurs the vision of the person. The opacity which is negligible in the beginning and gradually becomes more, sometimes rendering the person completely blind.

Reasons for development of Cataract

Though cataract is an age related problem, there are other reasons for a cataract to develop. They are:

Exposure to Radiation


Genetic Factors

Injury or physical trauma

Certain medicines also induce the formation of cataract

The reasons for the development of the cataract varies, but the treatment remains constant. It has to be removed surgically. This is the most common problem of the eye and the remedy is also not very complicated. There are medications to stall the development of the cataract, but surgery is the ultimate solution. The cataract surgery in Cincinnati, OH by experts who have qualification and experience in the procedure. There is no specific stage of the cataract defined to conduct the surgery. It can be removed at any stage, but the general trend is that the persons wait till the vision starts getting affected.

There two methods of removal of cataract in practice, one is extracapsular extraction and the other is intracapsular extraction. The extracapsular extraction is the one where the lens is retained as far as possible and in intracapsular extraction lens and the capsule are completely removed. In cases where the cataract is highly developed high frequency sound waves are used to break them into fragments.

The surgical procedure for cataract is generally done under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization. The patient has to undergo a pre-surgical checkup to evaluate his general health. The following are the necessities for conducting the surgery.

  1. The blood sugar should be under control, if the patient is diabetic
  2. Blood pressure should be under control.
  3. Any preexisting diseases should be known to the surgeon and should be under control.
  4. Any allergies to the medicine needs to be evaluated.

The patient has to undergo a general health checkup and the physician’s consent for the surgery is very important. Though the surgery is relatively simple and non-fatal, in some rare cases there may be complications arising such as :

Infection of the eye

The internal coats of the eye may get infected resulting in inflammation

Posterior vitreous detachment

Detachment of the retina

A qualified ophthalmologist would be capable of handling all these complications and cataract surgery in Cincinnati, OH is not something to worry about. Various developments in the medical field have made cataract surgery simpler and convenient. Patients can get back to work within 3-4 days post surgery. A little care is required to ensure that no complication arises and some medication for a few days will bring back the vision and the patient back to normalcy.

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