Carpet Store in Skokie Illinois – Types of Residential Carpeting

Carpeting is one of the most popular forms of flooring chosen my modern homeowners today. The biggest problems found in this kind of flooring choice is getting a good value. It’s not enough to find the lowest price. You must also get high-quality carpeting that will last for many years. The Carpet Store in Skokie Illinois guarantees the lowest carpet prices, carpet repair services, and professional installation services.

The following will cover some types of carpeting from which you can choose.

FriezeFrieze (“free-zay”) features kinked and tightly twisted fibers. It is ideal for hiding footprints in high-traffic areas and is considered a non-directional carpet. It is also good for not showing vacuum tracks. Level Loop Level loop pile is designed with a low-profile design that is the same uniform height all over. It is good at hiding vacuum tracks and foot traffic. It is also known to be durable for casual settings.

Multi-Level Loop Multi-level loop style pile is a variation of standard loop pile and is designed for a casual look. This carpeting features two to three different loop heights. It is often highly durable and excellent for hiding footprints and tracks so it remains uniform and attractive. You will find this kind of carpeting at a Carpet Store in Skokie Illinois. Cut Pile usually starts out being loop pile that is sheared during its processing. It is designed to create a consistent pile height like loop pile, but because it is sheared, it is more plush and sophisticated. An example of a casual cut pile is Saxony style carpet. It will show vacuum tracks and foot traffic and will appear to look like different color shades depending on whether it is laying down and standing up.

Multi Cut and Loop Pile This style of carpet encompasses the level cut and loop as well as the multi-level cut types of carpeting and basically has the same features. It is created to provide a variety of unique textures and patterns. The process of varying the height, loops, and cut piles is what makes it so unique. If you are in the market for new carpeting for your home, these are the basic choices you have in types. American Carpet Distributors is known for its low prices in the Chicagoland area.

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