Caring For Your Child’s Teeth With A Dentist in Crestwood, KY

Having a baby and being a new parent is scary and exciting at the same time. Although there are many exciting moments during this time one of the most exciting is the emergence of the baby’s first tooth. Within the next few years your baby’s mouth will fill with teeth. In order to make sure your baby’s teeth grow and remain healthy during this time you’ll need to care for them. Let’s take a look at a few tips that’ll help.

Oral care before the first tooth appears is very important. Before any teeth appear you’ll just be dealing with gums. Unlike you, your baby won’t be needing an automatic toothbrush just yet. Instead, try using a soft washcloth. Moisten the cloth and pass it along the baby’s gums 2-3 times a day. Doing this will help prevent bacteria from forming. It’ll also create a healthy environment for the baby’s new teeth when they appear. A Dentist in Crestwood, KY can help advise you on this process.

You should begin brushing as soon as the first tooth emerges. The sooner you begin brushing your baby’s teeth the better. Start out with a toothbrush that has a very small head with very soft bristles; you can find brushes specifically for infants at practically any drug store. Simply using a brush, wet with water, is a great way to start. Once your baby is around a year old you can begin using a small amount of toothpaste. During this time you should also take you child to see a Dentist in Crestwood, KY. Keeping your child’s dentist up-to-date with their progress is very important.

Don’t think for once that your baby is too young to suffer from cavities. Countless parents underestimate the ability that bacteria has when it comes to forming cavities. Do your best to prevent cavities from forming by brushing your child’s teeth after every meal and before bedtime. You also want to refrain from giving your child drinks and snacks that could lead to cavities (i.e. sodas, fruit drinks, sugary candies, etc.). The less your child is exposed to these sugary products the better it is for their teeth.

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