Car Service in Tulsa for Tires

When you’re thinking of maintenance for a car, tires may not come to your mind. Most people are more concerned with the engine, brakes, etc. Tires should be inspected once in a while because they play a big part in how you get to point A to point B.

Tires Effect Brakes

If tires are starting to get worn out, that will effect how your brakes work. The brakes may take a little longer to completely stop the car. This could potentially cause an accident if you let your tires get worn out. It’s best to get Car Service in Tulsa if you notice your brakes wearing down.

Tires Can Lose Tread

Tires are bound to lose tread over time. Depending on how many miles you travel each day or week, the tires can lose tread faster. When the tread is way down or completely gone, you can lose control over your car. The tread is what is between the road and the tire of your car. Having none is dangerous, especially in the winter time during a snow fall. Rain is something you should avoid if you have low tread as well.


You may have seen tires on the side of the highway every so often. This is because when you let your tires get bad enough, it can cause a blowout. It’s one of the most dangerous parts of driving with worn out tires. The tire can easily fly off the axle and you can lose control. Blowouts also happen when you have too much air in your tire.

Gas Mileage

When your tires aren’t inflated correctly it could decrease gas mileage for you car. When your tires are perfectly inflated, you’re going to get the gas mileage that you should be getting. The tire pressure should usually be around 34 pounds per square inch. Depending on the model and make of your car, this could vary. When you get your Car Service Tulsa, they will be able to tell you what your specific tires for your car require for air.

Always be sure to follow up with your car services. If you don’t understand how much tread you should have, etc. then the professionals can take a look for each car inspection/service you have. Make it a habit to check the air pressure in your tires every so often.

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