Can You Afford To Buy A Ford Escape In Bedford Park Illinois?

Much of this will also apply to anyone thinking about purchasing any sort of car whether they live in Chicagoland or anywhere else. Automobile prices in the USA are considered to be lower than in many other parts of the world but they do still cost a noticeable amount of money. However, for most Americans, owning (and/or driving) an automobile is considered one of life’s “givens”.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

A 2012 model Ford Escape in Bedford Park might cost you $11,990 from a dealership – a sum that most people would not consider as mere spare change. This would be an early version of the current design vehicle. Older designs dating back to the year 2000 might still be available on the private sale secondhand car market. But, you buy those very much at your own risk.

Newer pre-owned models are also available from dealerships that have been fully overhauled and are offered with a warranty. These are known as” certified” pre-owned and examples are available at $16,990 for a 2013 vehicle.

Brand New

These will be purchased through a dealership where the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is in the order of $25,000 although various discounts and inducement promotions can bring this down to around $21,000. Optional extras will of course add to the cost.


You can, of course, use your own savings to purchase any vehicle you wish but, do you have enough money in your account to do this? For many, any thought about buying an automobile is automatically linked to the thought – “can I get credit?” If the purchase is a private one, you could approach your bank or, possibly, a private loan company (but, what terms are you likely to get?). Fortunately, the better car dealerships do supply pre-approved financing under reasonable terms.

When you buy a Ford Escape for Bedford Park from Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn, you may also avail yourself of their attractive financing arrangements with the possibility of an additional $1,000 discount. For detailed information contact Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn.

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