Can There Be Several Chevrolet Dealerships In San Antonio Texas?

Under our economic system it is quite possible for there to be any number of Chevrolet dealerships San Antonio. However, this is not to say that every one of the Chevrolet dealerships San Antonio is fully supported by and under the wing of the Chevrolet Division of General Motors LLC.

A person who sets up a small business on an empty San Antonio lot and decides to sell used Chevrolets could in all honesty say that his business is one of the Chevrolet dealerships San Antonio. He is buying and then reselling Chevy automobiles so he is obviously a car dealer. Equally his business is a car dealership and, because he only deals in Chevys, it could be said to be one of the Chevrolet dealerships San Antonio.

With Or Without An Official Link With General Motors?

When it comes to purchasing new Chevys or having service or repair carried out on your existing Chevy, this looseness in the use of the phrase “Chevrolet dealerships San Antonio” should receive your attention. If a totally independent car dealer has managed to get his hands on a supply of new Chevrolet models and is proceeding to offer them for sale at his self described Chevrolet dealership in San Antonio, then you need to be careful if you decide to buy one from him.

Will he provide the full Chevrolet warranty and what about the compulsory warranty services? Should something go wrong can he provide genuine Chevrolet replacement parts? Even small things like having the correct paint to retouch any small day to day scratches your new Chevy might receive?

For Any New Chevy, You Need The Manufacturer’s Back Up

If all the Chevrolet dealerships San Antonio were 100% owned by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors then you could have full confidence in going to any of them to purchase a new Chevy. However, it does seem that there are varying degrees of dealerships. Maybe the one that you are looking at is an independently owned dealership but operating under some sort of franchise arrangement with General Motors. If so, it is a reasonably safe bet that they will provide all the services you should reasonably expect from the manufacturer of any new vehicle.

The looser the dealer’s connection is to General Motors and Chevrolet the less assistance you can expect to receive. Maybe a totally independent dealer can give you a better price but, is it worth it in the long run?

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