Calling the Exceptional Dentists in Franklin NC

Of utmost importance to you and your teeth is their ability to chew food without feeling pain. If you’re going to make an appointment with one of the Dentists Franklin NC residents highly recommend, he’ll most likely start you out with general dentistry, which is the “beginning” of dental care for most patients.

When you make your first appointment with James O Redmond DDS PA, dental hygienists will clean your teeth, you’ll have X-rays taken and be educated on caring for your teeth at home. This is very important because the dentist wants you to take responsibility for the care of your teeth. If you see him once every six months, a lot can happen to teeth that haven’t been properly brushed and flossed. If you have a tooth ache he will either fill or possibly extract your tooth or you may need a root canal. Much depends on your ability to pay and being able to finance your care. You may have dental insurance. Most dental insurance policies still have a deductible that you’re required to pay after they pay their part. It’s very important to know what you’ll be responsible for when the dentist has completed your work.

First of all, you’ll see forms you can download and print from the Website of James O Redmond DDS PA. Fill them out and take them to your first appointment. They include your patient registration, patient medical history, questionnaire, the office’s financial policy, their appointment cancellation policy, a notice of family practices, and you’ll sign a form to have your health records released from your doctor. If you have health issues, such as excessive bleeding or you have to take an antibiotic when having a tooth pulled, he’ll see this in your health records. Also, on his Website, you’ll get to see the photos of the office, the staff and your dentist who’ll be caring for you.

Many people pay as they go if they need other work done, over and above general dentistry. The Dentists Franklin, NC residents trust completely works with their patients. If your insurance company doesn’t pay for cosmetic dentistry, you’ll have to borrow the money to have your work performed or pay for one procedure at a time. Obtaining that pure white and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted may take time, effort, proper care along with the ability to pay for it.