Bypassing Home Inspection and the Misfortune of Monique Margaux

Houston is home to many house inspection professionals who can ensure that people who purchase homes don’t receive a bad deal. The purpose of a house inspection is to find out if there is anything structurally wrong with a house or building. If there are problems, the home inspector will alert the person who wants to purchase the house so that the necessary repairs or adjustments in price can be made. This is usually done whether the house was previously owned or newly constructed. In many cases, house inspections are mandatory and must be carried out when a house is put up for sale.

What happens when someone doesn’t take the initiative to have a full house inspection performed on a new home? That depends. Sometimes there are no negative consequences because the individual was fortunate enough to move into a structurally sound house. In other cases, people may find a myriad of issues upon moving in, but often these aren’t dangerous; a house might need new flooring or wall repairs, for example. In the worst of cases, however, not calling a house inspection company can result in fatal injury, since houses with shoddy construction can cause deadly accidents.

In 2008, one woman learned the hard way why it’s necessary to make sure a house is inspected before moving in. Monique Margaux, a resident of Placer County, CA, purchased a two-story house from her neighbors. Despite carrying a real estate license, she neglected to ensure that she was getting a fair deal, and admits today that her decision was very naïve. When she moved into the house, she discovered a high number of defects: There was an electrical cable dangling carelessly from a tree, the heating duct was exposed, and the septic tank was considerably substandard. It wasn’t long after moving in that Margaux regretted spending $295,000 on her house.

To add insult to injury, after a few years of living there, Margaux learned that not only had the house never received a proper inspection, but it was also constructed without a building permit. In order to bring the house’s quality up to an acceptable level, she was forced to pay nearly $91,000 on repairs herself.

Unfortunately, things like this happen in other places besides California. Houston residents have to be just as careful when it comes to buying a house. However, with access to Houston’s many house inspection services, there’s really no reason for you to ever find yourself in a situation like Margaux’s.

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