By having a Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County Heads will Turn

The latest trend is to undergo a Brazilian butt lift in Orange County by not only celebrities, but the housewives and girlfriends that go to the beach on a regular basis. This is the cosmetic surgical procedure that beefs up the derrieres of lady’s that want to get noticed as they walk by.

What exactly is a Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County?

A Brazilian butt lift in Orange County is the plastic surgery that shapes the rear of a lady so it is shapelier and bounces. This is more extensive than the traditional butt lift that many ladies had in the past to remove the sagging buttocks from losing weight or the ravages of gravity over time.

This procedure is commonly done at the same time as abdominal and breast augmentation as part of an overall natural contour improvement many ladies are looking for.

With the Brazilian butt lift in Orange County fat is removed from the lower section of the buttocks by means of liposuction. Fat is generally also removed from above the buttocks generally referred to as the love handles. These harvested fat cells are then injected into the upper cheeks of the buttock for a shapelier and rounder appearance. When needed there will also be injections on the hips to help make them rounder and improve the overall appearance of the buttocks.

One of the reasons so many ladies choose a Brazilian Butt Lift is it is an all natural procedure. This is because only a person’s own fat cells are used to reshape the buttocks. Because of that rejection is almost unheard of. There is also no scare due the fat being injected with a hypodermic needle.

With butt implants there is always a scare so the implant can be inserted under the skin. Not only does this have a possibility of the silicone implants being rejected, but the incision has an increased chance of becoming infected.

The ideal patient for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County

It is true that both men and women have this cosmetic procedure performed on them, but a majority of the patients are ladies.

This plastic surgery is ideal for the lady that wants a more shapely body and already has excessive fat deposits she wants removed. She should be close to her ideal weight and in good physical health with a sound mind. The ideal candidates should also be non-smokers or have quit so the recovering from this cosmetic surgical procedure can be as quick as possible.

The patients should also have a stable weight since large weight fluctuations can hinder the results of the Brazilian butt lift in Orange County.

This procedure does not remove any excessive skin so those ladies with that condition might have to undergo a traditional butt lift so the excessive skin can be removed first before the Brazilian Butt Lift is done.

The recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County

After the procedure is completed, it is essential that the patient not put any excessive weight on their backside for at least three weeks. Since everyone has to sit at some time there are special pillows the patients must use during this period to minimize the impact of sitting. There are also special garments that must be worn.

After three weeks the patient should be walking at least a half hour a day. This will help the blood circulation in your newly reshaped buttocks.

Because this cosmetic procedure does not have any incision, the pain is minimal and aspirin or other over the counter pain relievers is all that will be necessary for any discomfort.

For those ladies ready for a Brazilian butt lift in Orange County now all that is needed is for you to call for an appointment for a free consultation.

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