Building Wraps: They’re Not Just for Times Square Anymore

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Business

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One of the most fascinating things about being in Times Square, whether one lives in New York or has travelled there, is to look at all the building wraps that cover the buildings. The building wraps make the Square incredibly visually appealing. Instead of simply standing at a crossroads surrounded by a multitude of buildings, one is encircled by visually stunning images that appeal to the senses while at the same time informing consumers about various products, services, and shows. It is a combination of art, architecture, and advertising that is truly impressive and effective.

As an advertising medium, building wraps are extremely effective because they get noticed. One trip to Times Square watching myriads of people gazing at all of the buildings is enough to confirm that. However, building wraps are no longer limited to the buildings surrounding Times Square. Every major city has buildingwraps on buildings both in the downtown areas and the outskirts. In addition, buildingwraps are now being used in smaller cities and communities, as well, because they are such a successful form of advertising.

Part of the reason building wraps work is that they capture people’s attention. Where once was a dull façade of a building, a visually stunning, larger than life, advertisement now exists. Think about it. There is no larger advertising space in the world. It is like having the benefit of billboard advertising times ten. And, in addition to the advertisement itself, people are intrigued by the actual medium. Many times, people will stop to look and see how exactly the wrap is accomplished. This fascination with the form provides even more opportunity for them to focus on the content of the ad.

In addition to being a great advertising tool, however, building wraps also add beauty to a cityscape. In an expanse of concrete, steel, and glass, building wraps can present a pop and pizzazz of color. Many city denizens appreciate the chance to see the bold, attractive ads afforded by building wraps because it makes transforms an urban area into an incredible canvas of artistic endeavors bringing lively graphics to an otherwise mundane environment.

If you need a new and exciting way to advertise your business or company, and you want something that is larger than life, consider the beauty and functionality of building wraps. Imagine people looking at your ad in awed amazement instead of skipping by it or discarding it or missing it altogether. Building wraps demand to be noticed and could be making your products and services seem larger than life today.

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