Broken Garage Door in Minneapolis? Call in a Professional to Fix It

Garage doors are the most frequently used points of entry to a home. Usually they are located near the kitchen, so it’s very convenient to drive into the garage and unload groceries. Safety-conscious homeowners feel more secure when they are able to open the Garage Door in Minneapolis from the inside of their car, drive into garage and close the door behind them. When garage doors stop functioning it is a major inconvenience to the homeowner. This is especially true of if their vehicle is inside the garage and they need to get to work or drop off the kids at school.

They can call the All-American Door Company to have their door quickly repaired. This company has been in business for 20 years. Customer service is so important to them that an employee will answer the phone 24 hours a day. Usually Garage door in Minneapolis repairs can be scheduled the same day. The well-trained technicians can work on all major brands of garage doors. They will thoroughly inspect the entire door and garage door spring to fully diagnose the problem. They will then explain their findings to the customer and tell them the cost to fix it.

Garage doors are heavy pieces of equipment that work under large amounts of tension. It is therefore not a good do-it-yourself project for a homeowner. If they hear a large grinding sound, then it is probably the garage door spring that is wearing out. The well-stocked repair van will probably arrive with the rght garage door spring in it. The technician will know how to properly attach it to the garage ceiling. If this is not done properly, the spring can fly off of the ceiling when the homeowner attempts to use it. This can cause serious injury to any person or property in the garage. Because heavy a garage door can hurt a child if it close on them, there are safety sensors placed on it to prevent it from closing if something is underneath it. These critcal sensors can break or wear out. They should be repaired or replaced by a professional who will ensure that they are working properly.

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