Bridging the Watford Gap

Watford is one of those places that have always been the metaphorical defining like between the north and south of England. It’s not Watford the town, but a place called ‘Watford Gap’ just up the M1. For some strange and unknown reason it was the butt of the joke, that once you got past the Watford Gap you needed a passport. Not strictly true, of course, but many saw the humor in the ‘north south divide’.

Watford itself is a sort of suburb of the ever expanding London area, but essentially it is actually a town by itself, sitting just at the edge of Hertfordshire, sort of like the gatekeeper to the north. Once you get past Watford it feels like your journey has finally begun. The M1 is a pretty seriously compacted motorway most of the time and there is never a good time to travel out of London. Years ago, there used to be a few times in a twenty-four hour period when you could leave your home and get past the M1 blockages just quickly enough to squeeze up toward Edinburgh before the rush. Nowadays it’s not that easy.

Companies who offer removals in Watford often have to travel north toward Scotland or Liverpool or Newcastle and it can take a great deal of time to complete the journey. It is probably even harder for companies who have to travel around the entire M25 to get to the M1.

The Moving Process

Some of the most important aspects of moving house revolve around the packing part of the process. You should probably start your packing at least a month before you move, if not sooner. Having that little edge can make sure that you are not rushing stuff at the last minute. If you have an attic full of junk you might want to start there and work down. Empty the attic first and decide what is junk and what is a keeper. It would probably be a good idea to donate any extra stuff to a charity shop or something and give it to someone who might need it more than you. It was also off load things that you might not use in your new home, as well as reduce the costs of the move.

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