Brick House Cigars – The Ultimate Pleasure

As I sat in the doctor’s office, all I could think of was a fine cigar. I knew I would be there for some time and there was no smoking anywhere on the property. Normally, it’s no big deal to go for several hours without a smoke, but when you “have to” it can bring on an unsettling feeling. So what could I do? I decide to have one of my excellent Brick House cigars in my mind.

I remained in the waiting room chair and could feel the cigar in my hand. Next, I run it under my nose, to get the full bodied tobacco aroma. I take in the amazing sensations and put the cigar to my mouth. Now I just sit there a minute before I light it, enjoying the anticipation of what is to come.

There’s something about a great cigar which defies words. You receive a feeling of release and pleasure at the same time. Unless you are a cigar smoker you may not have any idea what I’m talking about, but if you occasionally enjoy a fine smoke, you know exactly what I mean.
Why are Brick House cigars so special? Perhaps it goes back to their Cuban beginnings. Today, these fine smokes are a blend of Nicaragua and Havana, and you can taste the blend each time you light up. The smoke has been described as creamy and it delivers a cooling sensation to the mouth. Plus, there is no unpleasant “burning” type of odor.

Finally, I can wait no longer and I light my lighter and enjoy the first puff (in my mind of course). I hold the smoke in my mouth for a moment and then release it, enjoying all the pleasures and wonderful taste sensations. Brick House cigars burn so smoothly, you never get a harsh taste even on the last few puffs. This is unique, because so many cigars gradually change as they grow shorter.

Now I can sit back in the chair and enjoy myself. People around me might stare and wonder what is wrong with this guy, but I don’t care. If I told them what I was doing, they probably wouldn’t believe me anyway.

It may not be easy to sit and enjoy a fine smoke mentally, but Brick House cigars leave such lasting impressions, it’s not really too hard. Sure, it’s much better to light up and enjoy a fine smoke than to imagine it, but when you have no other alternatives, it’s great to have wonderful memories to draw from.

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