Best Way to Care For Your Tennis Court

Properly caring for your tennis court will save you from having to troubleshoot problems later. Tennis Court Resurfacing Metrowest, MA can be an avoidable expense if the court is maintained. Cleaning the court monthly is considered best practice. Look for signs of mold or mildew in the shaded areas. In indoor courts, watch for areas where food has been spilled. Rinsing the court with water is typically sufficient for ground cleaning.

Promptly remove any puddled water. You may think that rain will clean the court but dirt will accumulate in the puddled water, leaving stains and debris piles. This can get like sandpaper under players feet and will abrade the surface. Court irrigation systems should not spray on to the court. Remove leaves and tree needles. These can stain your court but they can also allow for mold and mildew to grow. Drainage and landscaping are key factors in maintaining a good court surface. Drain systems that are clear from grass and vegetation will stay unblocked and and working properly. Landscaping for an outdoor court can be both useful and nice to look at. Keeping the grass trimmed and away from the court surface is important. Try to minimize the amount of dust and dirt that might blow onto the court by mulching the plant beds and keep any bare areas around the court planted. Blow or sweep up the walks that lead to the court. Keep the surface free from fertilizer, insect treatments or weed killers as these types of chemicals can damage the court.

Using the right equipment will help you avoid Tennis Court Resurfacing Metrowest MA. Use a soft nylon or hair type broom to scrub the surface. Scrubbing with too much force while using stiff bristles can damage the surface and cause you to need Crack Sealing Metrowest, MA. A pressure washer, limited to 70 psi or a water broom are good cleaning tools.

Asphalt and concrete bases of tennis courts, regardless of how well they are built will show signs of cracking and low spots over time. Tennis Court Resurfacing Metrowest MA is a job best left to the professionals. It is best to have an annual inspection performed around springtime to evaluate the courts condition.

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