Benifits of Using Shred Confidential INC

Personal documents should always be disposed of properly, especially with the ever present threat of identity fraud looming around every corner. Storing all these confidential documents around the home and office is very hazardous, but one can not just throw such documents in the trash. These private documents should be disposed of properly and Shred Confidential INC. is a great shredding service to consider.

When thinking about proper disposal of your personal papers you should always be concerned about the trustworthiness of companies. Handing over your confidential files to a company is a big deal so you should make sure you are fully aware of the step by step process that your documents go through towards disposal.

Shred Confidential INC. is a company that prides itself in making sure their customer’s documents are secure from start to finish. The beauty of Shred Confidential INC. shredding service is they are mobile and come to you. A mobile service is very convent and efficient in getting rid of the idea of having your documents transferred to some warehouse leaving you unsure of where they really end up.

Upon arrival the process is fairly simple, but do not let the simplicity of the task degrade the quality of their work. They are a trustworthy company that takes handling your confidential papers very seriously.

The process starts by first collecting the items in which you desire to dispose of. These items are placed in bins that are assigned specific security bar codes which are scanned serving to record the materials placed within the bin. These bins are then secured then locked and take back to the mobile truck where they will proceed to be destroyed. Once an agent unlocks the bin, the bin is then lifted to a large shredder and your items are then destroyed. Once all the items within the bin have been destroyed a receipt displaying the items that were shredded is printed and an invoice is produced and sent to the client confirming all items have been properly and securely disposed of.

Trusting confidential material into the hands of Shred Confidential INC. professional ensures that your documents remain confidential.