Benefits Offered by Poured Flooring

When you first think of poured flooring, which is actually concrete flooring, you likely think of a cold and sterile space that has no life or style. However, the fact is, this flooring type can take on virtually any colour and can be polished to a superior sheen, making it look great for any home or business. Some of the other benefits offered by Poured Flooring are highlighted here.


When you utilize concrete flooring for your home, you will have a sustainable option if you currently have a concrete slab and avoid having to consume all new materials. Additionally, this type of flooring is not just for garages and basements. Once the concrete flooring has been sanded and also sealed or polished, it will appear refined and stylish for any space.

Easy to Care for

The only maintenance that is necessary for concrete floors is to mop it on a weekly basis with soapy water. It is a good idea to also install a baseboard on the concrete to keep the space clean and polished.


When compared to other flooring options, concrete is extremely affordable, being only about $2 to $6 for each square foot. The tonal differences, aggregates and subtle cracks help the flooring to take on a natural and stone-like appearance and feel.


After your floor is polished and it is well-maintained it can last more than a hundred years. The cracked and aged look adds to its character. If you like you can put down throw rugs or other accents to help break up the solid surface; however, you can also embrace the unique look of this flooring option and leave it uncovered and natural.

If you want to learn about more benefits offered by this flooring option, contact Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today. Here you can discuss the options and prices with professionals who know everything about the available flooring options. Take your time to ensure this is the right flooring option for your home. Since it can go with any styles and décor, chances are you will love the finish that it achieves. You can also check them on Google+

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