Benefits of Pre-Shaped Solid Aluminum Block

Does your company have the need for molds? Perhaps you are interested in developing a new product and you need the best material for prototyping. Solid aluminum block is one of your best choices and you will enjoy several important advantages when you order from a supplier who offers pre-shaping services. Here is more about the process and the many benefits it can provide.

Lowering Costs

Most companies today go through a lot of trouble to be “lean”. A lean business is far more efficient and maximum efficiency is essential if you plan to keep up with the competition today and in the future. With pre-shaping, you can drastically reduce your scrap. In other words, you only pay for what you receive and there is no need to order more solid aluminum block than you actually need.


With many products, it can take a great deal of time to mill or machine. In fact, with some things, you’ll need to spend a lot of time removing large amounts of material to get the work piece ready for more precision milling. CNC machining can be an expensive process and once you have a way to lower the amount of time it takes to machine products, you can greatly increase your daily output.


The more your machines are used, the more maintenance they require. Because they do not have to work as hard (thanks to pre-shaping) there is less wear and tear to be concerned with. In addition, you’ll spend less money on coolant and lubricants.

Additional Considerations

As your machines function, they are cutting, grinding or boring and this creates a great deal of chip waste. This material must be properly disposed of or recycled and thanks to pre-shaped solid aluminum block, you are putting less work on your coolant recovery system and there is less money spent on disposal.

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