Benefits of Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance in Columbus

The parking lot leading into your business is not just a pathway for your customers to get to your store, it also serves as an important portion of the appearance of your entire building. Additionally, the appearance of your parking lot can either add value to the property, or drain it away. With the following tips for parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus, you will be able to keep the surface in great condition, while ensuring you make a great first impression on your customers.

Asphalt Parking Lots

A properly laid asphalt parking lot can last your business many decades. Some threats to be aware of are weed growth and the freeze-thaw cycle in winter. Both of these issues can chip away at the strength of the surface, which will eventually cause it to completely break apart. Some of the best weapons to help avoid this include:

Parking Lot Sealing

With the proper type of seal coat, you can protect your parking lot from everything nature throws your way and even stop a number of cracks before they occur. A seal coating, applied once a year, can help to protect the surface from ice, water and the sun. The spring months are the ideal time for sealcoating your parking lot in the majority of the country, and represents the first opportunity to repair any damage that freezes over the winter may have caused.

Handling Standing Water

If there are parts of the parking lot that are lower than others, you may have “bird baths” or “bowls” present where the water can begin to collect. Not only does this standing water look bad, it may also cause cracks in the surface of the parking lot. You should look for these issues after it rains and if you have water present that is less than one inch deep, you can easily fix the problem on your own. If you have a larger area of concern, then you may need to call in the pros for parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus.

Keeping your parking lot looking great will be extremely beneficial for your business. After all, this is the first impression your customers receive of your business. Using the tips here you can ensure that your parking lot is kept in great shape in order to serve your customers well.

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