Benefits of Hiring a Sod Maintenance Service in McLean, VA

Having a healthy looking and nicely landscaped yard can increase the curb appeal of a home and may increase its value by up to 20 percent. However, it isn’t always easy to keep a yard looking great. Sometimes a homeowner just needs to start over. There are a number of advantages to purchasing sod over seed and to hiring a Sod Maintenance Service in McLean VA.

Sod Versus Seed

Seeds can take up to three weeks to germinate, and it takes a lot more water to establish a yard from seeds than from sod. When installing sod, it’s already mature, which means it will start to help limit erosion and stabilize slopes on the lawn right away, which isn’t the case with seeds. The lawn will also look a lot better immediately after the sod is installed, so there’s no long wait for the grass to grow in. Sod makes it, so there’s a lush, full lawn right away, but seeds could result in a patchy or uneven lawn in some cases.

Necessary Maintenance

While sod takes a lot less work to install and get established than grass grown from seed, it still takes some work to maintain it, especially when it’s just been installed. Watering the new sod is essential, especially if the temperature is higher than 70 degrees. The ground underneath the sod needs to be totally wet for it to have been watered enough. Not getting enough water will cause the sod to get brown and eventually die, which would mean starting the whole process over again. If you don’t have the time to water it, hire a Sod Maintenance Service in McLean VA to handle this for you.

Potential Considerations

Purchasing sod from a turf farm allows multiple options for the type of sod. This means you can purchase a type that is drought-tolerant or one that is low-maintenance and will grow well even in shady areas. The professionals at the farm can advise homeowners on the best type of sod for their needs.

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