Benefits of Contacting a Plumbing Service in Puyallup for Clogged Drains

by | Aug 21, 2022 | General

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If you are dealing with issues regarding a clogged drain in your home, it can often become a difficult situation. When you have a clogged drain, you not only have to worry with the drain, but the damage the blockage can cause to your home and belongings if the issue is not resolved promptly. In such cases, you would do well to call a plumbing service in Puyallup for fast and professional help.

Many times, when you are faced with a minor clog, you may be able to rectify the situation quickly by using a plunger. However, sometimes this type of repair will only move the clog enough to allow water to drain again. Often the clog is still in the pipes and will reappear later on.

When a professional from a plumbing service in Puyallup clears a clog, they have equipment that is more thorough. Their equipment is designed to remove the clog completely. This will prevent the clog from returning at a later date.

One of the main tools a plumber can use is a special type of camera which can be sent into the pipes of the home. The camera will take pictures of the area and send the information back to the plumber. This allows him or her to see the exact problem. Knowing this type of information will help the plumber in deciding the equipment to use to remove the blockage.

Some clogs require the use of a heavy-duty auger. The auger or plumbing snake has a hook at the end. This is fed into the pipes until the clog is reached. Once there, the head will be turned so the hook can begin digging into the clog. By breaking up the clog, it can either be pushed through the pipes or pulled back out.

In some cases, if tree roots are causing the drainage blockage, an auger with a special head will be used. The head used in this case contains small blades which are rotated inside the pipes and used to cut the roots so water can pass.

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