Being Arrested for DUI is Serious

Being stopped by the police and charged with driving under the influence is serious business, especially if it is a second or third offense. The law sees this person as a repeat offender and in the eyes of the law this person did not learn their lesson the first time so the punishment gets progressively harsher. This harsh penalty is set for a couple of reasons; to keep the offender from behind the wheel of a vehicle and to make his fully understand just how serious a DUI is. In many cases the multiple offender will face jail time, a suspended driver’s license and a demand to enroll in a DUI school. A second or third offense DUI will always result in a court trial and between the time of arrest and the date of the court appearance, the accused will want to arrange DUI bail bonds in Reno, NV for his or her temporary freedom.

A person who is arrested and charged with DUI for the first time will usually suffer a punishment that is preset by law in the particular jurisdiction where the crime took place. Although there is punishment imposed rarely does it include jail time, but it most certainly will result in a stiff fine and perhaps the lifting of driving privileges. The attitude of the court is that everyone can make a mistake; once! A subsequent DUI arrest is not handled in such a gentle manner, the offender is taken to the police station where he is booked and placed in a holding cell. Unless the accused can arrange for an agency that offers DUI bail bonds in Reno, NV to come to his rescue, he will stay in jail until the date of the trial.

There are many jurisdictions that give no leeway to a repeat offender, anyone found guilty of driving under the influence for a second or third time will be slapped with jail time, this can range for 10 to 30 days or even more. Not only is this a mark on an individual’s record, it may have a negative effect on future employment opportunities or have a negative effect on his credit history. There is nothing that anyone can do about being sent to jail when found guilty but a bail bondsman can provide temporary freedom so a strong defense can be mounted. Click here to know more.

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