Basement Waterproofing and Remodeling in Southgate, MI

Basement Remodeling Southgate MI can be a way for a home owner to upgrade their current living space and increase their livable square footage. Maybe they need an extra bedroom and bathroom, or a game room, or a family or movie room. A house with a finished and remodeled basement can increase a home’s value, too.

Before starting any remodeling in the basement, home owners should take a good look at the basement floor and walls. Look for any cracks or gaps in the cement. If you have any doubts, have a cement contractor come out to see if the basement needs concrete repairs. This is a good time to look into basment waterproofing, before you cover up the floor and walls with carpeting and drywall and before you go into all the expense.

Professional plumber Southgate MI can repair any cracks in the foundation and make sure moisture doesn’t get in. Even the smallest amount of moisture can create a serious mold problem, which comes with possible health risks. No one will want to enjoy the room if it has a permanent damp and musty smell. Should you ever try to sell the home in the future, possible buyers are certainly going to smell the dampness when they walk through the house.

Most of the work involved in waterproofing the basement will actually be done outside the house. The work crew will remove the soil from around the house down to the base of the foundation. From there, they will repair the drain tile, seal the wall, pour gravel over the drain tile, and replace the dirt.

Adding a bathroom, especially a full bath, in the basement remodeling project can increase the home’s value. Do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling projects are a risky prospect if you aren’t completely sure what you’re doing and unless you have the right equipment and tools. You may save more than just time and aggravation in the long run by going with a licensed contractor Olson Cement Work and Construction. The contractor can re-route and connect the plumbing, install the wiring, build the walls, and lay the tile. A licensed contractor can work with you to make sure the project stays within the budget and gets completed within a reasonable time.

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