Available Senior Care Services in Baltimore, MD

by | May 5, 2014 | Health Care

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As family members begin to age they sometimes require extra assistance in their day-to-day lives to maintain their health and a sense of independence. Many people do not wish to enter a senior’s residence, but family members sometimes feel that they need to convince their loved one that something has to change. There are a variety of senior care services in Baltimore, MD that can help your aging family members in both the short-term or the long-term as well as at-home or in health facilities.

Why Should I Choose In-Home Care For My Relative?

Sometimes your aging family member wishes to remain in their own private residence during their later years or during treatment for an illness. It is a well-known fact that staying in one’s own home can greatly reduce stress and help individuals retain a sense of autonomy. Senior care services in Baltimore MD are a great help in these situations. A nurse can come to a private residence part-time or even reside in the home. While there they can help your relative with everything from housekeeping and meal preparation to bathing. They are also a great help for those who are undergoing treatment or who require reminders for their medication. Your loved one can retain their independence, but still have a helping hand as needed.

Are Senior Care Services Available in Retirement Homes in Baltimore, MD?

There are times when the services provided by your choice of retirement home may not offer all you need to feel that your loved one is getting the full extent of care that they require. Senior care services in Baltimore, MD can be a great addition to the help available from staff in retirement homes. Your loved one will be able to have more one-on-one and specialized medical attention as required, and a personal nurse can help give you peace of mind by advocating for your loved one and letting you know that everything is well.

What Kind of Senior Care Services are Available for Short Term needs in Baltimore, MD?

Of course not everyone requires specialized senior care services for long periods of time. Often seniors require a little bit of extra help during hospital stays or in the days or weeks following a major operation or hospital treatment. In these cases, nurses will help ease the stress on your whole family by providing knowledgeable and specialized care to your loved one. They can be a great help, too, in educating the family about the changing needs of your senior relative and the types of treatments or medication that they might be taking. In addition, they can help ease the stress of hospital stays by providing your loved one with attentive and empathetic company in the hospital.

If you would like to learn more about senior care services in Baltimore, MD, contact Capital City Nurses. After all, everyone’s needs are different and finding the right care takes special skills.


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