Asking a Plumber in Tucson to Inspect Plumbing Can Save You Money

The wise homeowner in Tucson will have a plumber conduct an annual check up of their home’s plumbing. There are so many plumbing problems that are hidden in the house and in the yard. Of course, you are surprised about problems in the yard. The sewer drain line could be broken up in spots, or it can be blocked by a growing clog which hasn’t reached the big dump stage yet. If a clog completely blocks the sewer line, then the line will back up and start dumping sewage through the toilet into the home. You would never know this possibility exists unless you asked a plumber to perform an inspection of the line.

This is easily done by running a TV cam down into the line. The device is made for this purpose, and it will send back very clear pictures of the line and its condition. If a root clog exists, then the plumber has some very high tech tools to clear the clog quickly. One of the tools is a hydro-jet system which forces water into the line at high pressure resulting in the clog being chewed up. This equipment operated by a plumber in Tucson can also have rotating cutting blades to clean the line walls and to cut up a large clog.

This TV camera may also spot broken pipes which will allow sewage to escape into the ground, and allow tree roots to enter the line. Tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water, so don’t feel safe because there are no trees in your yard. An older home has more exposure to broken pipes since many sewer lines were made of iron which will have rusted, or plastic which is not very durable.

Another important check a plumber in Tucson should make is for leaks in the plumbing buried behind the walls. This is relatively easy to do with the modern water detection equipment. Finding even a pin hole leak in the plumbing behind a wall can save you expense and trouble.

If your home is on a concrete slab, it is equally important that the plumber examine the plumbing for leaks which, if not corrected, will eventually do a lot of damage. Money spent on a plumbing check up is money well spent.

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