An SSI Attorney in Halifax VA: Tips for Getting Your Disability Case Approved

Living with a disability can be traumatizing especially if you do not have friends, caring family members or relatives to support you financially. It can be more agonizing if you apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) only to get your application denied or delayed for too long before it gets approved. However, this need not be the case as there are a few tips from an SSI Attorney in Halifax VA that you can apply to increase the chances of your SSI application getting approved faster.

Cooperate with your disability claim examiner

Ensure you cooperate fully with the disability claim examiner working on your case. This generally means responding promptly to their notices and letters as well as going for consultative medical exams that may be scheduled by Disability Determination Service (DDS). A claim examiner will be more willing to quickly process a claim from a responsive claimant than one who is unresponsive.

Get the support of your physician

There is nothing more important in a disability case than getting the support from your doctor. This is the only person who can be trusted to provide adequate proof that you have a mental or physical disability amongst other forms of disability. Ensure you are in good relations with your doctor so that he can write a detailed and convincing report about your disability. A good report should also show that you are not able to neither work nor carry out your daily activities.

Submit the medical records by yourself

It is not unusual for a disability claim examiner to make decisions on claims before adequate evidence is obtained This is due to unresponsive doctors or delays caused by the time the doctors take to process hundreds of medical records requests from other claimants or disability claim examiners.

By submitting the medical records together with your benefits claim, will definitely reduce time taken before processing of your claim begins. Your claim also gets processed before those that don’t have a medical report.

If you have applied for an SSI claim, but it has not been approved, consider hiring a Cunningham Law Group SSI Attorney in Halifax VA to help you appeal against the claim denial.

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