An Overview of Exclusive Dealers of Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Philadelphia

Harley Davidson motorcycles are one of the most popular and well known motorcycle manufacturers that the world has ever known. The owners and first manufacturers of the motorcycle company, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson penned down their first blueprint of a bicycle engine in 1901. The first motorcycle, a racer, was manufactured in 1903, which was purchasable by the public. Presently, the Harley Davidson bikes have three categories- Chopper bikes, Cruiser bikes and Touring bikes. Each of these categories has a few families under them. The families under Choppers include just a Sportster, that under Cruisers include Dyna, Sportster, Softail and V-Rod and those under Touring bikes include CVO and Touring.

Harley Davidson dealers in Philadelphia

The dealers marketing Harley-Davidson motorcycles sell all categories of the motorcycles and are decked with fresh and upcoming models. Brand new bikes along with second- and third-hand models are sold, considering everyone’s pocket. Finding a dealer selling Harley Davidson motorcycles in Philadelphia is not at all a difficult task.

Models and Merchandise Available with the dealers

Many of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles dealers in Philadelphia offer a wide range with all its categories as well as families. New and used models of motorcycles are sold at attractive but affordable prices. They also deal in gorgeous Harley Davidson bikes for outdoorsy women, who enjoy bike rides more than household chores for pastimes. Harley Davidson merchandise are also sold in the store as well as in the respective website of their store.

Harley Davidson motorcycle gears and apparels including biker jackets, shoes and gloves, helmets, children’s gears and much more are available. Exclusive Harley Davidson collectibles are also available at many of the websites. There are some dealers who can even offer customized accessories, tailor made for individual customers.

Types of Dealers

There are a many types of dealers who deal in selling these bikes. One can find direct dealers, second hand dealers, individual or private sellers and also many auction houses based on the need and budget.

  • Main Dealers: They are direct dealers who carry both new and old bikes. As they are authorized, they carry only good quality bikes which is a reassurance even if the cost is a tad higher than any other type of dealer. Further, the bikes and parts come with a warranty when bought from them.
  • Secondhand Dealers: They are shops that sell any type or brand of motorbikes. One can get at a good price when buying from second hand dealers. But, the disadvantage is, the bike or the parts will not be covered under warranty as the dealer is not authorized.
  • Auctions: When you buy your HD from an auction house, you can save a lot of money. But, the flip side is that you cannot inspect it.
  • Individual seller: These are individuals who sell their used bikes on sites like ebay etc. This is a good bet as one can get at a decent rate and also inspect for any issues before buying.