An OBGYN in Carrollton Provides Care for a Woman’s Health Throughout Her Lifetime

An OBGYN Carrollton is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. That doesn’t mean the doctor’s practice is limited to patients who have had or are continuing to have children, nor does it limit the doctor’s patients to only those of child-bearing age. An OBGYN may see women throughout their lifetime. That means while they are still in their teens and throughout their lives, past menopause. An OBGYN may also treat his or her patients for urinary incontinence as well as obstetrical and gynecological issues, rather than having to send the patient to a urologist. Womens Care of West Georgia LLC provides other services to their patients as well, like laser hair removal and laparoscopic surgery.

A doctor who works as an OBGYN Carrollton cares for patients who may have a fertility issue that is keeping them from becoming pregnant. The doctor takes care of patients all throughout their pregnancy, and delivers the baby when the time comes. With certain high risk pregnancies, the patient may need to be seen more often, or ordered to remain on bed rest at home or even in the hospital for weeks until the birth.

Doctors who work in this area also can provide patients with birth control options and help educate patients about the various methods. The doctor can make a recommendation about the best solution for that patient, helping the patient to make the most informed decision. Some patients don’t even take it for birth control purposes, but instead may have severe premenstrual syndrome, and birth control may lessen the symptoms.

Patients who are going through peri-menopause or menopause may have completely different issues, problems, and questions to discuss with their doctor. One of the topics that comes up in the discussion of menopause is whether to get on hormone replacement therapy. Some books and other resources suggest that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be better. Still others recommend taking natural supplements instead. The patient’s doctor will have had access to the latest information in medical journals on these and other subjects, and can help give the patient their medical opinion so the patient can decide what is best for her.