An Oasis in the Desert

Because Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert you would imagine that it might be sparse, arid and cut off from the rest of the state, but this is not true at all. When you fly into McCarran airport you are immediately greeted by a whole host of slot machines, ready to take your money. However, whether you are flying in or flying out there is also a vast choice of places to eat at the airport or in surrounding areas. You will see an array of food experiences along the Vegas Strip, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, Lebanese and English food, as well as plenty of places to enjoy Mexican Food in Las Vegas.

A Potted History of McCarran

McCarran Airport was first established as Alamo Airport in 1942. Alamo airport lay on the same site that is now occupied by McCarran airport. It was a direct descendent of Davy Crockett—George Crockett—who first founded the Alamo Airport, allegedly naming it after the famous Alamo in Texas. Back in 1929 the old airport was nothing other than a dirt runway, used then by Western Air Express Airlines for delivery of mail and goods to the area. There was little on the property other than a tiny operations building, more like a shack and a water well. Crockett turned it into a more municipal airport in 1942. During the 1930’s the US Army leased the airport, renamed in 1948 to McCarran Field—after the U.S. Senator Pat McCarran—until the current construction was completed. At that time, McCarran Field was also operating small commercial flights but when tragedy struck and TWA flight 3 crashed into Potosi Mountain. There were 19 passengers on board and all of them were killed, including the actress Carole Lombard. In 1948 George Crockett sold the McCarran plot to Nevada’s Clark County and they established it as the Clark County Public Airport.

In 1963 the main terminal moved from its location at Las Vegas Boulevard to Paradise Road. Terminal 2 was completed in 1997 and since then computer upgrades have allowed a smooth transition between both terminals, making it easier for passengers to travel to and from the airport as well as around it to the check-in points. Click here to know more.