An Effective Program for Preschool in South Riding

Searching for a child care program that has a safe facility, a trained friendly staff who can deal with many different temperaments and individual needs, and an atmosphere for learning that is accommodating to many different age groups is not an easy task. Many child care programs have their strengths in some areas but are weak in others. For parents to feel entirely comfortable leaving their children in the care of child care providers, it is necessary for Preschool programs to have no weak areas in their security, training, or curriculum. Fortunately, Preschool in South Riding has all the services parents need from a child care program. Sparkles Child Care Center operates under an effective curriculum concept, parents can monitor their children along with the staff, and each age group receives individualized attention.

At different stages of development certain techniques are used to assist children with learning new concepts and ideas about the world they live in, and their level of understanding about it. Sparkles Child Care Center utilizes the High Hope Curriculum method that believes children learn by constructing their knowledge and understanding of the world and their environment by an interactive experience between the teacher and the child. The child learns by discovery and hands-on experience, and he or she is given the freedom to make commitments and keep them, while exploring their intentions and interests.

Sparkles Child Care Center accepts children from the ages of six weeks up to 5 years, or 48 months for Preschool in South Riding. Their learning techniques adjust according to the age group but at all times the learning process is interactive, and is effective for every age group and adapts to every learning style. All children are well-protected at Sparkles Child Care Center. Their ProCare management system compiles information for each child’s authorized pick up person, and their facility is secured with a front key pad combination security door. Arrival times and departure times are recorded, and parents are given the opportunity to monitor their child’s classroom remotely using a computer for viewing. The site is also password protected and encrypted over a secure network.

Sparkles Child Care Center provides before and after school programs, summer, winter and spring programs and they have reasonable fees and discounts for military children, oldest siblings, and a 10% discount flyer offer on their website. Parents can feel confident their children will learn in a safe environment with qualified teachers.