An Air Conditioning Contractor In Guntersville, AL Will Keep You Cool All Summer

Who needs the heat? Summer is knocking on the door, and the higher temperatures and humidity will soon make things very uncomfortable. An Air Conditioning Contractor in Guntersville, AL can keep a home cooler this summer with proper maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Air conditioning in a home is necessary to keep the occupants comfortable and reduce the chance of mold developing in a home. Proper maintenance of an air conditioning system will keep energy costs lower and provide comfortable temperatures.


Unless an air conditioner is not working, homeowners don’t think about the maintenance it requires. Maintenance on a yearly basis will improve energy costs and extend the life of the unit. Refrigerant levels will be checked, and an experienced service technician will refill the refrigerant.

The coils need to be cleaned and all electrical connections will be checked during routine maintenance. The thermostat will be calibrated, so the proper temperature is registering in a home.

New Units

Energy efficient units can be installed and replace an older unit. An air conditioning unit that is more than ten years old should be replaced. This is especially true is the unit has not been properly maintained over the years. Mini-split systems are also available when a regular air conditioning system can’t be installed.

Quality Service

A homeowner should never expect anything less than a highly trained technician from an Air Conditioning Contractor in Guntersville, AL. The service tech should be courteous, knowledgeable and on time for a service call.

Emergency service should be available from a reputable air conditioning contractor. The company should be able to maintain all makes and models of air conditioning systems, not just the ones they sell.


In addition to installing air conditioning units, an HVAC contractor can install generators in a home. The benefits of a generator will eliminate stress on a homeowner when the power is out, and they need air conditioning or refrigeration. An entire house generator can be installed to activate as soon as the power goes out without the homeowner having to go outside to get a gasoline one started.

If you want to be ready for the heat and humidity, now is the time to contact an air conditioning contractor. Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist is ready to service or install your air conditioner today.

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