Aluminum House Siding In Des Moines May Be The Best Choice

The siding on your home may be discolored, worn looking, damaged by hail, or starting to fall off. On the other hand, you may want to change colors. Replacing aluminum siding, wood siding, or the ancient asbestos shingle siding each require different techniques. Most siding sold today is aluminum siding.

Aluminum siding is the most common siding installed on homes. It is the number one choice in the industry. If you already have siding, a lot of problems may be lurking underneath it. When the wind drives rain under siding through openings that have come about with age, the result will be wood rot if the siding was installed over wood siding or sheathing. Aluminum rolls the water off so there is no chance of water damage under aluminum siding. This siding can add substantial beauty to your home. Before removing aluminum siding, it is necessary check the surface beneath it. A House Siding in Des Moines expert will know how to do this.

There are many siding materials made from aluminum. Cheap aluminum siding is 40 gauge aluminum. The standard siding is 44 gauge, but the best aluminum siding is the 53-gauge siding. While 53-gauge siding is more costly, the cost is outweighed by the siding’s durability and life expectancy. The 53-gauge aluminum should last for at least 30 years. The heavy gauge siding is the best insect-proof siding available. It is less costly to install which is a major feature for homeowners. Aluminum comes in many textures so the beauty of new siding can be enhanced by a texture that is other than a plain flat surface. A House Siding in Des Moines expert can explain why the energy bill will be considerably reduced by 53-gauga siding.

Vinyl siding is popular because the color is manufactured with the siding, and the color tends to last longer. However, vinyl siding may not be very durable under hail. This siding cannot be insulated, so your energy bill will be more. It tends to be more costly to buy and install. Many homeowners are impressed by the term “vinyl” believing that it is a superior siding to all others. Certainly, it would be a better siding than wood, but that does not at all notice the many features of aluminum siding over the vinyl. The Roofing Contractor in Johnston is familiar with these features.