All-purpose Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

The effects of high humidity, temperature variations and precipitation can take their toll on the exterior surfaces of a business or residence. Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to water damage as the combination of sea salt and moisture can wreak havoc on walls and flooring treatments. This can have an erosive effect, causing premature chipping and peeling of paint which leave the surfaces bare and exposed to the elements for further damage. The best solution for this problem is to use commercial waterproofing to protect exterior surfaces.

Barrier Guard Fracture Resistant Membrane Commercial Waterproofing

There is a wide range of waterproofing products available to suit practically any need from residential to business applications. Dex-O-Tex Barrier Guard Fracture Resistant Membrane, for instance, is a waterproofing system which employs the use of a proprietary synthetic rubber emulsion membrane which has a fabric reinforced cement type protective layer. This product is used for any type of tile or masonry work, in between flooring materials and directly over curbs. It is effective for providing waterproofing on wood, concrete and ceramic materials.

Advantages of Barrier Guard Fracture Resistant Membrane Waterproofing

This product provides a tightly adhering waterproofing solution for flooring surfaces which maintains its flexibility in all temperatures, with the added benefit of resistance to cold temperatures which makes it superior in this regard to the majority of epoxies. It is an effective filler for static joints and cracks and is resistant to cracking. This solution is installed by highly trained contractors and can be applied directly over new or existing surfaces.

This type of waterproofing is an excellent choice for waterproofing of commercial and residential kitchens, washrooms and utility rooms, showers, restroom areas, scientific research areas, decks and patios. Restaurants, food and beverage processing plants, auto dealerships, research centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, cruise ships and residences.

Safety Features

The formulation of this product provides for a non-skid surface which increases the safety of pedestrian traffic. The composition is VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant and contains no harmful solvents, making it much safer for the environment and an excellent choice for residential or high traffic areas in commercial use.

Dex-O-Tex commercial waterproofing products offer a range of solutions for businesses across all industries as well as residential use. The high quality commercial grade provides aesthetic beauty, the preservation of surfaces which are exposed to the effects of weather and features which enhance the safety of all pedestrian traffic. From entry ways, parking lots, washroom and shower areas to decks, patios and production and repair room floors, Dex-O-Tex has the commercial waterproofing solutions designed to provide years of coverage and protection while maintaining an attractive appearance.

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