Air Conditioning Contractors In Stockbridge Help You Keep Your Cool

The best time to have your air conditioner serviced is fall and spring. If you wait until temperatures are high in the summer, you may have to pay more. Plus, the strain of operating in intense heat may cause your unit to malfunction or operate inefficiently if you don’t have it serviced before extreme weather begins.

The Air Conditioning Contractors Stockbridge residents appreciate are the ones who place customers on a routine yearly maintenance schedule so problems are fixed before they get out of hand. Air conditioners are noted to be durable appliances that tolerate abuse. However, even though your unit may continue to operate, it costs a lot more in energy costs and may result in permanent damage to your air conditioner from lack of maintenance.

So what kinds of things do the Air Conditioning Contractors in Stockbridge companies send to your home do? They check the level of coolant in your unit, which is very important to its proper operation. If coolant levels are low, the service person searches for the cause and repairs any leaks he finds. He also cleans the condensing coils and adjusts belts as necessary. He checks the electrical draw and operating pressures. He also oils the fan parts inside the air conditioning unit.

By performing these basic and simple routine maintenance tasks, the service person helps prolong the life of your air conditioner. A properly serviced unit is also less expensive to operate. It is also more efficient, which is important to keeping your home cool on the longest and hottest days of summer.

Perhaps the best reason for having routine maintenance performed on your air conditioner is that it prevents breakdowns when you are least able to tolerate them. When you are used to living in a nice cool home, it is extremely uncomfortable to be suddenly forced to live with intense heat and high humidity when your air conditioner breaks down. Also, it usually costs more to repair a broken unit than it does to pay for maintenance that prevents breakdowns in the first place. So before the long, hot days of summer arrive in Stockbridge, take the time to make sure your air conditioner is serviced and ready to go.

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