Affordable and Effective Termite Extermination in Brick NJ

Termites cause millions of dollars of damage every year. Because they feed on wood, most of the damage is happening inside the walls of a structure. That makes them difficult to detect. They do not make the noise like mice or insects do so often people only know there is a termite problem once damage begins to be evident.

Being Proactive

There are three main species, and they all multiply quickly. The best way to guard against termite infestation is to have regular pest inspections completed in the home or business. Termites are less active in the cold weather. They can be detected in the early spring when they begin to become fully active again.

Arranging for a professional inspection at that time may provide the perfect opportunity to eradicate them before any further damage can be completed on the building. Most experienced companies, such as Dynamic Pest Control, will provide affordable inspection services to business and homeowners.

Steps for Extermination

Effective Termite Extermination in Brick NJ consists of more than simply eradicating the termites present. All nests will also have to be removed. Professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged area during treatment to be sure to remove all signs of termites and their shelters.

The source of food and water has to be eliminated. Water that puddles near the foundation, for example, will need to be directed elsewhere. Cracks and holes in the wood will have to be sealed. Pockets in the walls may need to be filled with spray-in insulation.

Vulnerable areas, such as under porches, corners, and separating planks are perfect entry points. Cleaning up those areas, removing sources of moisture, and blocking the most likely entry areas will help prevent future occurrences. The total process provides integrated pest management to solve the current problem and avoid new ones.

Are Termites the Problem?

Termite Extermination in Brick NJ will only help if it is actually termites causing the problem. Mice, rats, other insects, and even birds can cause damage to the structure via chewing and devouring the wood. Calling an exterminator with a request to eradicate termites may result in treatment for termites.

Any professional exterminator will first inspect the area to make a proper identification of the pest. What building owners identify as termites may be a different pest. The technician is not assuming the owner is inaccurate, but determining the extent of the damage and the real problem.

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