Advantages of Zoom Whitening in Ann Arbor, MI

Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfectly white teeth and, unfortunately, most of the over-the-counter treatments that claim to whiten patients’ teeth simply don’t provide the kind of results they want. Thankfully, zoom whitening in Ann Arbor MI offers a more effective solution. This whitening system is quickly becoming one of the most popular in-office whitening treatments available.

Quick and Effective

The Zoom system requires only one treatment to provide serious results. Just one visit can leave patients with teeth that are five to eight shades whiter, while most alternatives require at least a few visits. This system is also far more effective than over-the-counter treatments, which often require several weeks to provide any kind of noticeable effect and leave patients with teeth that aren’t as white as they would like.

It’s Safe

The Zoom system utilizes a special hydrogen peroxide gel that’s applied in the dentist’s office by a qualified technician. The technician will then apply a special LED light to activate the gel, which allows it to penetrate the enamel and whiten teeth safely and effectively without the risk of eroding the enamel. Plus, the Zoom system utilizes a treatment known as Relief ACP to act as an additional protective barrier for dental enamel and to add a desirable shine to patients’ teeth.

It’s Convenient

Both over-the-counter treatments and less technologically advanced in-office treatments require a good deal of time and effort to achieve maximum effects. In comparison, the Zoom whitening system is extremely convenient. The entire process requires less than an hour.

Dramatically Improved Appearance

Patients who choose to use the Zoom whitening system will be left with more attractive smiles. This can be a great benefit in other areas of their lives, improving their confidence, and allowing them to show off their pearly whites with pride. There’s no reason to worry about purchasing an endless array of over-the-counter products that don’t provide the results patients need. Instead, just head to the dentist for some professional help.

Get Help Now

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