Advantages of Contacting a Company that Handles Gas Furnace Repair Issues

When your home’s heating system stops working during the cold months of the year, it can quickly become an unbearable situation for you and the residents of your home. Often, the best way to deal with this type of issue is to contact a professional who deals with Gas Furnace Repair issues.

One of the main things a professional will do when this type of situation occurs is to check the pilot on the unit is lit and staying lit. Sometimes the various components associated with the lighting of the gas unit can become faulty and need replacing. This can include the pilot control valve, thermocouples, and the pilot as well.

If the pilot is working correctly, a technician will need to check how the burner ignites. This can be done by turning the thermostat up and watching the flames on the burner. If the flames light up in a steady manner and are blue in color, the burner is working well. If the flames flicker and are yellow or orange, the burner may be dirty. This can cause uneven heating. The technician will need to disassemble the burner and clean all the various components inside the burner. There are many small pieces, and this process can be very time-consuming.

Another component a technician who handles Gas furnace Repair problems will need to inspect is the blower. The blower disperses after it has been heated. If the unit is not working correctly, the heat will not make its way into the ventilation system. One of the most common issues with the blower can be a dirty air filter. If the air filter is caked with dirt, air cannot pass through it, and the home will be cold, even though, the heater is working. Simply replacing the air filter can correct this problem.

Unfortunately, if there is too much dirt built up in the system, it may have caused other issues in the blower. The vents on the motor on the unit may have been clogged with dirt. This could cause the motor to overheat and stop working. This may need to be replaced before the unit will work again.

When your heating system is not working, it can be very uncomfortable. Calling a professional to inspect and repair the unit is the best way to resolve the problem.

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