Active fire protection, what is it?

Active fire protection involves moving parts, which in turn activate methods of protecting people and property from fire. These fire protection services in Sedalia can be automatic or manual but there must be some intervention of some sort for them to work. Examples of active fire protection are fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems. Both of these systems are important when fire is threatening the people and property in a building.

Any active fire protection system involves an action of some sort. The purpose of fire protection systems is to slow the progress of an active fire, extinguishing the fire or alerting personnel to fire and smoke conditions so they can take evasive action. Passive fire protection on the other hand is used to slow the growth of the fire but they are not intended to put the fire out or to raise any alarm. Examples of passive fire protection are fire doors and walls and materials resistant to fire. When used together, active and passive fire protection services in Sedalia can save lives and property.

Automatic sprinkler system:
A common component of an active fire protection service is the automatic overhead sprinkler system. The sprinkler system uses a series of sprinkler heads all connected to a pressurized water supply. The design of the piping and the location of the individual heads is done by engineers as many aspects of the installation must be taken into account, the height of the ceiling and the size of the room in particular are very important to know.

When a fire breaks out in a room protected by sprinklers, the heat will rise and fan out in all directions as it hits the ceiling. When the heat rises to a certain temperature, a glycerin filled vial at the base of each sprinkler head expands, breaks and the water is delivered in a spray to slow and stop the progress of the fire. Not all sprinklers are activated, only those which are closest to the fire, this way damage to property can be minimized.

Foam and chemicals:
Water is not the only choice of extinguishing medium and at times water is the worst choice that could be made. There are materials, chemicals are a good example, that burn with such ferocity that water simply turns to steam and has no effect on the blaze. Under these conditions, fire protection services Sedalia will use foam, dry chemicals and inert gases.

Part of active fire protection is the installation and use of alarms and detection apparatus. Alarms are important to warn the occupants of danger and to alert the fire department. Detection systems can be installed throughout a building and alert security in the event smoke or heat is detected in any area of the structure. The detectors, when activated, will set off alarms and notify fire fighting personnel.

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