Accused of Selling Proprietary Data? What a White Collar Crimes Attorney in Bel Air, MD Can Do

One of the most important resources any company has is the confidential data used to take care of essential tasks and support customers. From client lists to information about market research and personnel information, the theft of proprietary data can damage a company’s reputation or pave the way for losing quite a few customers. When an individual is accused of stealing this type of information for a third party, it’s time to seek the services of a White Collar Crimes Attorney in Bel Air MD. Here is what the attorney can do on behalf of the client.

Listening to the Client

Before any action can be taken, the White Collar Crimes Attorney in Bel Air MD will want to hear the side of the client. What events led up to the accusation? Are there others who have similar or more access to the information that has been sold? What opportunities did the client have to copy the information? Understanding the structure within the business and how many people would be able to access the information in question helps to form the basis for reconstructing what took place.

Going Through Log Files and Other Electronic Records

Since a lot of the stolen data was in electronic form, it pays to go through the court and secure copies of server log files and similar reports showing when and how the client’s credentials were used. The timing is very important since it may be possible to establish the individual was not at work at the time the data in question was accessed using those credentials. That paves the way for questioning who else had access to those credentials and if those individuals can be placed at the site.

Given the fact that many companies allow employees remote access to shared data, it also pays to secure information that could be used to track the location and the provider connection to the computer used to harvest the data. The attorney may find the client has no relationship with that provider or the machine used for the download, but someone else in the organization does.

Don’t assume a charge of stealing data cannot be refuted. Contact Maria Caruso today and begin working on ways to ensure the truth comes out. Rest assured that every legal means will be used to protect the client and seek a dismissal of the charges.

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