A Wood Fence in Lakeville, MN can Provide Both Security and Curb Appeal

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Fencing

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There is a wood fence style for every landscape and personal need. A wood fence in Lakeville, MN, can frame a garden and add curb appeal, or it can provide privacy for a backyard pool area. Picket fences are very popular. They are about three feet high and can define a property line or flower bed. Pickets can be all one height, or they can form a scallop pattern. While they may keep out small animals and prevent small children from running out into the street, they don’t add to the overall security of the yard.

A privacy fence screens all activity from public view. These are often built around a backyard where people want to use their space without neighbors watching them. They can be up to six feet tall. Most communities require permits for a wood fence that’s over six feet, because they want to make sure that it won’t fall on anyone. Privacy fences can be solid from top to bottom, or they can have a lattice design on top. The lattice makes the fence look less heavy, but still makes it difficult for intruders to climb over it. Homeowners often install a lower and more open fence in front of their home and a higher fence in their backyard.

A lattice fence can be as tall as a privacy fence, but it is more open. The fence company can design a gate that will blend into the overall fence design and become almost invisible, or it can make the gate a focal point. Support posts can be topped with decorative post caps to match the style of the home. The lattice fence allows people to see into a yard, but prevents them from entering it. Homeowners can decide if they want to keep the gate locked from the inside or allow casual visitors.

Fence companies can create a custom wood fence in Lakeville MN, to meet the requirements of each homeowner. They can blend a variety of styles to meet the different tastes of the client, as well as the needs of front and backyards. They can also create fences that maximize security features.

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