A Veterinary Hospital Can Serve You 24 Hours a Day

Getting sick happens. It happens to everyone, even to our pets. You don’t really expect your animal companion to wake up one night and start acting strange. At first, you’re not sure what’s wrong with her. You give her a quick once over and everything looks OK, but it still doesn’t feel right. You take her outside or maybe you bring her into another room and let her wander around. You look at your watch and realize that it’s just after 2am and your vet won’t be in the office until 9 in the morning. You’re pretty sure there’s something wrong with your pet and you don’t want to wait until then to get her checked out. What can you do during the early hours of the morning?

There Are Many Vets Open 24/7

If you’ve been a pet owner for a while then you’ve probably got the number of a local veterinary hospital laying around. If you don’t, then you should look into finding one for your pet as soon as possible because you never know when something like this could happen to you. A lot of pet hospitals are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can see your pet for a variety of ailments and can even keep them for observation and treatment if it’s medically necessary. They usually have extensive staffs that stretch across a variety of disciplines in veterinary medicine. They will be willing to help you and your little friend any time of the day.

An Overnight Stay

The hardest thing any pet owner can do is leave their pets behind at the hospital. It’s hard enough knowing that your little pal is sick and she’s going to need to stay around for treatment overnight or even multiple nights. There are a couple of things you should do once you find out your pet is going to stay at the hospital. The first of which should be to inform the staff on hand of any specific needs your pet has. The second should be contacting your pet’s primary veterinarian and letting him or her know that your pet is in the hospital. Once your little friend is discharged your vet is probably going to want to see her for any follow-up care she’s going to need.

It can be quite upsetting to have your pet suddenly get very sick in the middle of the night, but having a good veterinary hospital on speed dial can help ease those fears by getting you in contact with people who are knowledgeable and care.

Looking for a good veterinary hospital? Contact the VERG (Veterinarian Emergency & Referral Group) at (718)522-9400 or find them online..

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